How many of you are using any or all of the add on Legacy controlling units for your switching, lighting and signaling? Do you like the way they work, does it make the system easier to run? I am trying to decide how deep i would like to venture into the controlling of the layout I am going to build.

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This is done with one SC-2, Cab1 remote, TMCC.  Rich Yoder GE 44 tonner with an ERR upgrade, electro-couplers and sound.   Click on the triangle to access a video.   A couple or Ross standard switches and (2) Ross 204 three way switches.  Switch motors are DZ  hooked to the SC-2.  

SC-2 wiring. 

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I have seven of the SC-2s under my layout, plus there is one more lurking here somewhere, these are controlling 23 switches (turnouts) and a few cross-overs and the entrances of my reverse loops. I am starting to hook up to lighting and will also hook up some accessories to these. So far I am extremely happy with the control these give. I was hesitant to start using the SC-2, thought them to be unnecessary but now am thankful to another S gauger who recommended them. Now I wouldn't be without them.


I use SC-2s and some command switches. All work well and are very convenient when not near the switch throws.


I have 16 of the ASC-3000's controlling 73 Ross switches with DZ-1000 controllers. I also have 6 ASC-3000's controlling 45 accessories. Additionally I have several OTC-3000's controlling unpcoupling tracks. These all work very well no complaints.



ASC 3000 were  the original IC Controls devices before Lionel bought them out.   IC Control devices pictured, left center, two BPC 3000, (Block Power Controllers), Right, three ASC 3000.  I could not get the IC Controls devices, I have,  to work with Lionel Controls.   ASC 3000, (Accessory/Switch Controller), are hard wire controlled via the original Command Base and the Switch, through and, out buttons, on the Cab1 handheld controller.

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I am using TMCC and Legacy. I purchased the early on ASC 3000 and BPC 3000, one each to experiment with before beginning my layout.  By the time I got around to starting my layout Lionel had bought IC Controls and I purchased many more of Lionel version of the ASC's and BPC's. I then wanted to connect a laptop to the the layout and purchased SER2's and later retired one of the SER's by purchasing the Lionel WiFi box.  All these worked and continue to work very well together. I then installed a layout expansion and picked up some ASC2's and BPC2's.  The AS2C's worked very well.  I was extremely disappointed to find out the BPC2's were a new design that would not allow two separate transformer/TPC Platinum be switched to power the layout as did the BPC's.  The BPC2's are nothing more than on/off switches. I went to the secondary market to buy the older yet more functional BPC's.  That is the only disappointment I have had with these boxes for over twenty years. 



Hauling Coal and Tourist to Sodus Point on the PRR-Elmira Branch

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