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Yeah, with PS2 locos, it would seem to remotely control the TIU would be the easiest route.

But, upon reading Mark's site, it seems that while you have interfaced a computer to the TIU, there is no phone app to interface to the software, maybe I missed this. (let me know please).

In JMRI, it has a "server" and apps for iPhone and Android. So if you have a computer to use, then the interface, server and apps are all free. Of course it only interfaces to DCC though.


There is a phone app to interface with the JMRI software and it works quite well however the MTH Wifi system is not around $300, a WIU can be had for around $160. Considering your investment in a DCC system to do this you will be much better off using the MTH WIU. I used JMRI to run TMCC trains and control TMCC turnouts on my layout. I was able to use Panel Pro to build a track plan of my layout and I was able to scroll around the track plan on my Ipad using WiiThrottle and the throttle server app in JMRI. I could then run my trains and control my layout. The reason I abandoned the system was the starting up of the system was just far too complicated

The "mark solution" replaces the remote itself.  It uses a small arduino-ish CPU connected to the PC via USB.  the other "side" is the wireless to the TIU.   The PC software he wrote simply encodes the various "GUI actions" into "remote commands" that the TIU understands.    I think this is one heck of effort on his part because he largely figured out all the various aspect himself much of which was not trivial.

I have the two solutions offered which are something for the hobbyist to do in their free time.  The first one involves making a small board that plugs into the "phone jack" port, the other uses the wireless "panstamp" approach just described.   I did them both, they work.

The RTC software as he calls it runs on a PC (windows) ... it's written in C++.  

I use a laptop and have at a lot of fun with it.  And I prefer it largely to the remote.

It's not been ported to android or any other device/os/language combo at this time though that I am aware of...

But I agree it would be a nice path for his project to go...   And it also all freely available for the motivated with time on their hands, etc...

(one should note there other aspects to than this work and i just suggest reading the website for more details)

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