ahh okay  thank you.     I did some digging on this years ago.  Let me see if I can find my reference stuff

Okay Mike,   it's been a long time, so not sure if this will work.

As you know, the EZ Command Center uses function 9 to control switches.   The trick is to get it into program mode without having a Bachmann EZ Command Switch where you push the programming button on it.

Here's how I'd attack it:

  1. Put your DS52 into Programming Mode base don the Digitrax Manual
  2. The Digitrax DS52 come pre-programmed with Addresses 1 and 2 for two turnouts
  3. On the EZ Command Center, press function 9, then press and hold #1 like you were programming a Loco that's address 1  When the Stop button flashes fast, hit #1 again.
  4. Press the Stop button.
  5. Take the DS52 out of program mode with the jumper


You should now be able to hit Function 9, hit #1, and the DS52 will send the command to move the turnout.


Again, it's been a very long time, but I think this is how I did it to get an older Bachmann EZ Command to send the signal to a third party controller.

Thanks David.  I tried this tonight and can not get the unit to create the fast flash rate after pressing the function button.  I tried with out the function button and can get the fast flash rate.  My steps are listed below:

Step 1, put ds52 program jumper on

Step 2 power dcc unit up

Step 3, press 9 on dcc unit

Step 4, press function

Step 5, press and hold 1 down

fast flash rate never appears on LED by stop button.

Is there a step I am missing?

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