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I have an old ZW (TVS diodes on locos and track, 4 AIRPAX 10A breaker, Home made Bell/Whistle diode string Switches on A and D) with a  6-14077 ZW Transformer AMP VOLT METER. I am adding TMCC - CAB 1, Base, 4 Powermasters. Each ZW channel will have its own Powermaster as they are individual loops separated by turnouts on the layout. I have a first gen Lionchief and later Lionchief +. Just received a LionMaster. Layout consists of 12 individually switch-controlled blocks. Outside rails are continuous through out the layout.

Question: Running the first gen Lionchief using Universal Lionchief Remote. The other Lionchiefs can use Universal Remote or Bluetooth. What is the best way to set the TMCC  Powermasters to put 18v on the track to run the Lionchiefs and retain the TMCC available control?

The Lionmaster has TMCC in addition to bluetooth and Lionchief. Adding the TMCC switched to conventional provides remote control for all my prewar locos.

Any and all suggestions and comments will be appreciated.

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Dear Santa,

I have a similar setup as yours, except for the fact mine is Legacy. I leave the Power Masters in conventional all the time. If running TMCC or Legacy just crank them up to max, and I do have volt and ammeters wire into the layout, ammeters show me if there is a short, volt meters show track voltage so if you go from one loop to another you can adjust the volts accordingly.

I hope l answered your question.


Rayin "S"

Thanks for replying with your experience! I like your post script Bible verse too.

Question when you leave the PowerMaster in conventional how does your remote get a signal to TMCC engines?

I have been thinking about this more as I plan my TMCC install, seems that to run Lion Chief or Blue Tooth the Power Masters would just stay on Command to put the 18v on the track.

Help me with what I am missing in understanding all the technology.


Here's the secret:  Your PowerMaster receives, but doesn't interact with, the TMCC/Legacy signal.  It neither increases nor reduces it.  It neither turns it on, nor turns it off.

The command/conventional switch on it also doesn't interact with, the TMCC/Legacy signal.  It also neither increases nor reduces it.  It also neither turns it on, nor turns it off.

As John points out this switch only sets the voltage to the track.  There are two choices:

  1. Command -- Full input voltage passes right through the PowerMaster to the track.  Whatever goes in to it, also comes out of it.  If a PowerHouse is feeding it, say a PH-135 or 180, then this would be 18 VAC steady.  If you're feeding it with an traditional old transformer, e.g., a ZW, then it would somewhere between 0 and 18 VAC, depending on what position the throttle handle on that old transformer is set at.
  2. Conventional -- Full input voltage comes into the PowerMaster but what goes out to the track depends on the level you set with the red knob on the CAB-x, from 0 to 18 VAC (assuming 18 VAC is coming into the PowerMaster).

For this reason I, and others here based on the comments we see in the thread above this one, just leave the switch in the conventional position and use the red knob to set track voltage to maximum in order to power the track for command locomotives.


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