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You appear to have a 6-8562 AC motor GP20.


Lionchief plus has to have a DC can motor and most Lionchief Plus control boards required also a motor with the matching tachometer encoder flywheel.

While you might be able to do a shell swap onto a Lionchief Plus GP20 chassis, many of the provisions like example he fan driven smoke unit may not have the mounting bosses molded into your older GP20 shell.

Again, you would basically be buying  complete GP20 Lionchief Plus engine and then doing a shell swap.

I've done LionChief plus/conventional shell swaps with several LC+ RS-3s, and checked out doing it with Geeps as well. The RS-3 swaps were fairly easy, but after looking at what would be required with the Geeps, I put that project off. It appeared it would be a lot more difficult job than with the RS-3s.  I've done a number of PWC Geep swaps with conventional shells to give them TMCC and RailSounds; that's very easy to do. The LC swap appears that it would be much more of an undertaking. If you decide to do a swap, please post your results - be interesting to see.

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