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Hi all,

I’m new here and new to model trains but I wanted to share a modification I made.  Maybe it’s been done before but I couldn’t find it.  I set up a long reverse loop track in my backyard that’s mounted to my privacy fence.  I used Menards tubular track and a couple of 022 switches.  Because it’s exposed to the elements, I knew the electrical non-derailment feature would be a problem so I bought some O22 switch parts on eBay to see what I could come up with.  I used a hole that is already in the swing arm and put a screw through it.  I threaded it through a thin piece of plastic to make it rigid. Then drilled a hole in the plastic underneath to add another screw to anchor the spring.  This was just a quick mock up to see if it would work and it does, even for my lightest car. It’s a little bumpy but it’s a great starting point.  I’ll be working on a more permanent modification soon.IMG_2822IMG_2821IMG_2820


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I sprayed heavy duty rust inhibitor on the track then cleaned off the contact points.  I’ve seen there are track scrubber cars available.  I might try those. I have been manually cleaning with a scotch brite pad but time will tell if that’s enough. I didn’t know fastrack had a non-electrified non derailment feature.  I might switch over to those if these become a problem.  I appreciate all input as I am a novice.

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