Converted Lionel Boxcar

A Lionel "scout" boxcar converted to S, trucks came from a $2 junker caboose.  Rusty Traque has a photo of a nice scale version he did, thought I'd cover the toy end..







Since Gilbert didn't do a double-door boxcar with link couplers, this should do





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Hey Brady!  We must think alike.  Here's mine, lobster claws and all!


Those O27 cars are available all over and they're CHEAP!  If you compare them with any AM cars, they are even closer to S than compared with the Gilbert boxcars, which were a small prototype to begin with.  The O27 Lionel cars measure almost exactly 10' wide in S, so that's close enough for me.   All the other dimensions are just about spot on too.




O-27 conversion 007b

O-27 conversion c 005




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