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I have a new South Buffalo PS3 switcher that is 3/2. I started mounting pilots and the couplers to it. On the last step I swapped out the axles. The first truck went good so I opened up the second truck. It has the plastic insulators on the same side against the gears?

I'm already using a 6 axle set laying here so I can't see wasting 12 axles to end up with 4 correct ones.

Has anyone taken a 3/2 axle set apart?

If I could get them apart, I could reverse the axle insulators so they are all against the gears. I think I would use a drift pin and drive the axle out of the wheel to protect the axles the best?

Anybody here take an axle set apart?

Does MTH offer the correct 4 axle set (special?) with them all on the same side?

This set appears to have them on opposite sides? (like normal engines use)

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I had to drive the axle out of the wheel and rotate the axle bushings so that all sets have the insulated side against the gears.

I supported the wheel inside of a large crescent wrench and tighten the jaws down snug against the plastic insulator. I supported the wrench and using a drift pin, I pushed the axles out of the wheels. After rotating the bushings, I simply laid the wheel on the flat bench and drove the axle back in until the width was perfect.  1.115 or so I believe? I measured something like 1.110 up to 1.118 I think from memory.

For anyone else who converts these, please look closely at each model's axles first. I did not need to do this on any of my other 4 axle diesels.

I should probably look up NMRA specs for axle widths but all my MTH engines run well on my track and switches so far.

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Thanks Matt. I wanted to come back here and post photos for others to see. I spent this evening in pain over a kidney stone. The hospital released me and said they think I'll pass it.

It was super painful. Right now, there's near zero pain. For over an hour, the pain was off the charts. Just info for anyone who hasn't experienced this.

I'll get back with pics when I can.

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