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Here's a quick drive-by of a Bruk Challenger upgrade with all the trimmings.  Whistle smoke, dynamo smoke, injector smoke, dual sound systems, and all LED lighting.  Fill your wallet before you commission one of these.

Close drive by. Everyone who doesn't know the overhang should pay attention to this video. No hitting walls there. John's got it done right.

@shawn posted:

Bob - stating a displeasure with a companies decision is not trolling.  I’ve been in this hobby a long time. I feel like we are getting totally screwed……that’s all. Stay silent. That does wonders..

No, but I think you've made it crystal clear what you think multiple times.  I think we know where you stand, no reason to keep beating a dead horse.


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I'm not sure what defines trolling or horse beating, but 45 posts (many of which are re-posts of posts!) regarding Lionel's discontinuance of R2LC & R4LC boards by one person intent on expressing displeasure with Lionel, complaining about possible solutions, and on and on, appears like horse beating to me. Nothing personal intended, but it does show lack of respect to the horse.

Sure, rip out all the old electronics and wiring, start building your wiring harnesses for the all new and different wiring of the RCMC, and you're all set.

As you can see, it's going to be a significant project.  @Bruk has done a number of these, here's a thread talking about it:

Legacy upgrade

Bruk, has two of my engines now for conversion to full Legacy.  I'll link one of my videos below.  Sadly Bruk has been removed from the forum.  His profile is still up so if you want to contact him you can find his contact info there.

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OK nice or the thread gets whacked....then you can contact the OP and apologize to him.  To those of you that can't accept the fact that Lionel makes decisions with which you don't agree and you feel compelled at every opportunity to express your displeasure in threads which result in those threads being "derailed", then understand that enough is enough.  Stop hijacking threads with your ranting and contact Lionel directly.

Yeah, I have a few engines on a waiting list. I have a couple others that I gave to figure out what I will have done to them. I'll wait however until I get the first two out to Bruk before I jump on doing stuff to the others.

Gary, what are your other engines or is it a surprise?

Lionel N&W Class A for my son who joined the Army last Aug, Christmas gift, conversion that is.

Brass 3rdrail L3 Mohawk

MTH Premier UP Challenger.

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