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I am in the process of converting a layout set up with TMCC SC-1 switch controllers with external relays and NJ International Switch Machines to Legacy.  Do I need to convert the SC-1s to ACS-2 controllers?  If not, is there anything that I have to do in the Legacy Controller to use them?  is there any advantage to converting to the ACS-2 controller?

What about the STM-2 boxes?  Do I need them too?  What do they do for me?

I do have a Legacy 990 base, the LCS WiFi module and the new IRV-2 modules already.

Any advise is appreciated.


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You can use the SC-1 with Legacy, it won't notice any difference, Legacy talks to switches in TMCC mode.  As long as the SC-1 boxes are working for you, you can keep them.

The STM-2 allows LCS to see the actual position of the switches, even if the non-derailing has switched them.  If you're going to use something like an iPad to control the layout switches and power districts, then the STM-2 would be useful.

Here is my experience adding Legacy.  My original setup included the Lionel, three way cable that allowed the TMCC Base talk to my computer and send commands to the Control Boxes that included IC Controls TPC's, ASC's and BPC's.  I also had in the mix Lionel's repackaged ASC's and BPC's.  Adding the Legacy Command Base required the use of the three way cable now to go the Legacy Base and cut out my computer.  To alleviate that situation, I purchased the WiFi box.  Since it needed the PDI type cable, I purchased the Serial Box which gave a PDI output and could now go to the WiFi Box.  And since the new Legacy Boxes were connected via a PDI cable all was good.  So, I think you will need to invest in the Serial Box so that you can start a PDI run and the Three way cable if you want to connect in a TMCC Base.  The Serial box will also allow the running of the two wire data cable to the older boxes.

It has been a while since making the jump, but I never looked back.  It is a little foggy to me but i am pretty sure that was the process and equipment I needed for the upgrade I took.  Do review the Lionel Videos on You Tube.  They are very good.

I should have added that I wanted to maintain my TMCC Base so I could continue to use the older Handhelds.  In the beginning I used the TMCC Handheld infrequently and now I Never use them so I think the TMCC Base could be removed from my Control Board.

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