Has anyone out there converted the latest Lionel Pennsylvania 21" passenger cars to 2 rail?  I'm studying my options, but it appears Lionel's truck is well done dimension wise and the easiest way would be to swap out the wheels with a Lionel 2 rail conversion kit, but I don't think Lionel did them for 36" inch diameter wheels, I've only seen the 50 ton and 70 ton conversion kits offered and no 100 ton 36" wheel sets.  I would call NWSL, but that doesn't seem to be an option now.

Of course the other option is to swap the whole truck out and redo the bolsters etc.

I would also be interested in how you converted to Kadee Couplers and what type you used.  

I got several PRR cars to supplement my Seaboard Sunset Silver Meteor and future Silver Star fleet and am going to do an Atlantic Coast Line Florida Special down the road.

Many thanks in advance!



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In the past I have converted several sets of the Lionel cars using MTH 2-Rail streamline trucks which are an excellent copy of the Lionel truck side frames, plus they have scale 36" wheels and are equipped for 2 rail electrical pickup for the car's lighting system. The Lionel LED system will work on DC and DCC electrical power as well. Total cost of the MTH trucks is probably less than the cost of replacement scale wheel sets and the scratch building of electrical pickups. Kadee couplers fit by using a spacer for installation and with the car disassembled for conversion I also do a bit of interior paint work and add 1:48 or 1:50 seated passengers and a few standing passengers as well. Take you time on the first car as the others will be a repeat of the process. Using this process you can always trade or sell the Lionel 3 rail trucks to you 3 rail friends. Gene


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