Converting the Atlas O 4750 hopper to wire grabs, lowering the car, Kadees, etc.

I don't like the ultra-thick steps and molded in grabs on the Atlas O 4750 hoppers. Plus they ride a little too high. Here's my first conversion to wire grabs, and lowered ride height. I used a modeling saw to cut away all the molded in grabs, and removed the extra thick bolster on the bottom, creating a flatter piece to attach the trucks to. Kadee 740 couplers round it all out. I'm still wanting to change the stirrups, but that's next. Also,gave the car a complete custom painting while I had it all apart. Still a bit of a work in progress. Here it is for now. I use .020 brass wire and 18" grabs from Tichy Train Group. Those are on the ends, the side grabs are .020 brass wire and bent to fit 20" wide grabs. A pin vice was used to drill all the holes to attach the grabs.


Jeff Sohn


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Great job, Jeff!  Is this an Atlas “Trainman” line car?  I know first hand that replacing grabs can be a bit tedious, but I’ve never done a car with that, that’s a lot of work!!  

The results are good in fact that you absolutely HAVE to replace those over-sized, molded-in stirrups...LOL! 

Thanks for sharing the project here.  Looking forward to seeing the finished car!

Joe A.

Enjoying this Great Hobby in memory of Dad & Pop...the "original Joe's" responsible for my interest in trains!!

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