Hello Everyone!! Thank you for accepting me into your wonderful group.  

I have almost completed my collection of Corgi PCC Streetcars but am missing two of three TTC (Toronto Transportation Commission) units #55011 & #55025.  Can someone shed some light on this request?  I have purchased most or all of the streetcars on Ebay, and other internet hobby shops.  I simply cannot find the remaining two PCC Streetcars anywhere.  I hope somebody here can help me.  See attached photographs of my collection.  Thank you. 


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Sorry I can't help you find them, but my compliments  on a nice collection.


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Great collection.  I have a NIB Corgi #55012 with a Bowser 3 rail drive.   I am sorry it is not what you are looking for.  I recently picked this up in a collection and have not looked up pricing.









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I put Corgi streetcar in Google and found pictures that PCC streetcar Erni  had placed here.

I just wished to help him with his collection 

Erni  you say that you are looking for two TTC models ,having counted the ones in the picture I count 29

There are 35 model PCC streetcars in total numbered #55001 to #55035

Number 55034 Cleveland was cancelled ( only one on eBay was sample sold for $300+).

Number 55029 Boston I have only seen One on eBay many years ago (not sure if pre-pro).

Number 55035 TTC ( only for employees a few sold in TTC shop Toronto  May 2017) so that makes 4 TTC.

All model streetcars were withdrawn by Hornby in 2010 who purchased Corgi in 2008 ,the TTC model from 2017 is classed as a Premium or B2B as it was commissioned by TTC .




Good Morning LewRail and Corgi1994, 

I really appreciate your kindness both of you. 

Early in April I completed my entire collections of the Corgi PCC Streetcars (all 32 includes the TTC 55010, 55011 and 55025) and Corgi Birney Safety Cars (all 7). 

If you know of any more that Corgi may have produced (like the ones you mentioned Corgi1994) then I would look into it.  Right now I am constructing the Corgi PCC Streetcar and Corgi Birney Safety Car Museum including a Corgi Classic, Fishbowl and Scenicruiser Bus Depot.  This will be a very large scale layout.  Details to follow in the very near future. 

Thank you again.

PCC Streetcar Erni  

The only other streetcar missing from the list is the #US 24903 Lowboy with distressed streetcar on the back ,it is made of diecast but only classed as a load .

Hi Erni 

You say that you are making a Corgi Classic Fishbowl and Scenicruiser Depot I hope you make it big enough ?, there are 12/13 Scenicruiser's Numbers #54405 to #54417/#54418 and  35 Fishbowls.

I say 12/13 Scenicruiser's as there is one that I cannot confirm was cancelled but a trader who sold Corgi said it was ( I have not got one).

All are Code1 factory as with the Streetcars,  NOT Code 2/3 as after 20 years a lot have appeared.



Corgi never did any  rail display for the Streetcars , as the models are 1:50th scale and O gauge is 1:48th there will be a slight difference so you would have to make a rail to fit .

Jonathan as your model has powered trucks they will be 1:48th

Hope this helps 


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