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UPDATE: The MTH hoppers I'm about to describe turned out to be inaccurate models. Read on for discussion of accurate 3-Rail models.


I have been looking for a period-correct set of O-Gauge Norfolk & Western hoppers for some time now to run behind a Class A or Y6B. Preferably in a set of 6 for easy building of a long unit coal train. I have narrowed my options down to these two MTH sets, and was wondering if any steam / N&W experts here can confirm if I've made a sound choice. My reason for choosing them is these are the only hopper sets MTH has produced without the N&W circle logo, which research tells me is a 60s/70s scheme.


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Thank you for that video Rick!


Unfortunately though, after a little more digging, it looks like the 3-Bay hopper I selected gets disqualified because it's a model of a Virginian hopper that the N&W acquired in 1960.


The 2-bay hopper is also deficient in that it doesn't include the N&W's signature "peak ends", which are the raised ends of the cars as seen in the video.


Guess it's going to have to be "close enough" on these 

Neither of those is really accurate without the peaked ends. The video angle is deceptive because the hoppers in that train have notches for workers to climb over the ends.


The Atlas 0 N&W fishbelly hoppers, class HL, have been imported and they are pretty good. There are numerous classes and variations of N&W hoppers imported in brass.


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My thoughts exactly. Not counting the deficient MTH models in my first post, it would appear Atlas remains the only non-brass O-Gauge manufacturer to have made an accurate steam-era N&W hopper.


EDIT: I was just informed via email that Weaver did do steam-era N&W hoppers with the peaks, although I could not find them on their website.

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I'd say good luck with your research on that. I'd look forward to any info regarding them so I can add them to my collection.


Years ago Weaver did two bays with peaks on them. They really are not accurate, either. They had notches on both sides of the peaks on both ends. I think they looked stretched out also. Not sure about the origin of those cars.


K-line did some 2 bays that are close. I think they have the peaked ends but they don't have the distinctive fishbelly. They might pass for some of the less prominent classes of hoppers but not as an HL. Anyway, there was something about them that was off.


I think Weaver also did N&W cars painted on a C&O prototype a few years ago. I think they were 11 panel 3 bays. Not really accurate.


Weaver might have done an outside braced composite hopper but I could be confusing that with their N&W gon which is a pretty good model. The outside braced composite would not have peaked ends.



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