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Planned lots of priming and painting for yesterday and today but 4-5" rain and 100% humidity prevented that. So I unwrapped a new razor blade at 9:15 this morning. Now I have 8 more cabooses cut out and ready to detail and paint. Two Southern wood cabs, 3 Illinois Central steel cabs and 3 IC wide vision, long porch cabs. There 2 more Canadian National wood cabooses hiding under other things that were cut out this morning too.


And I still have several more hours to work today. I thinking a couple of CB&Q cabs and a couple of Alaska cabs too.




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Please do share your tips and techniques!   How do you do these so fast, yet so precise? 

I am sure that a how to article in OGR would be of great interest to readers even if they don't intend to ever scratchbuild a caboose.  


Anyway, thanks for all the pictures you post.   They are works of art.





Originally Posted by Brother_Love:


I use these! Strictly the old fashioned way. I have thought of resin but I also know I am not good with that medium.



Bob, Thank you!




Experience makes the master!

Nice job and hand made, every cut is a joy for sure.

BWT are you making decals or are just for your own use?



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