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Hi all,

Is there anyone out there who would be willing to edit and create a custom MTH sound file for me with the ADPCM program? I'm a little nervous to do it myself and I'd rather not run the risk of screwing up a $1,000+ engine for a simple mistake. I just want some whistles and bells switched around.

Thanks in advance!

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@Lou1985 posted:

I've done several for myself and friends. It's fairly easy. What were you looking to have modified in the sound file?

 I have the latest run of the Premier GS-4 (20-3749-1) and for some reason instead of using the whistle recorded straight from the 4449 from the previous PS3 release they used a really deep sounding whistle that barely sounds like anything to my ear. 

I would switch out the sound set from the 2013 release of the GS-4 but the passenger announcements read train 98/99 the Morning Daylight, where as the numberboards on mine read and announce train 2, the Sunset Limited. 

Basically I want the standard whistle as well as all the soft key toots (SXS, SFS, SRS, S01) swapped for the whistle on 20-3484 so I can have the better whistle but keep the existing passenger announcements.

But wait, there's more!

Since I'm not much a fan of the quilling whistle from that particular sound set, I'd like the quilling whistle swapped with that from 20-3435-1. That whistle pretty closely matches the SP 6 chime that was mounted on the fireman's side of the 4449 in the 80's. 

And lastly I'd like the default 1225 bell replaced with the accurate recording of the 4449 bell from 30-1668-1 (why they didn't use this bell to begin with is beyond me!)


Let me know if that's more than what you're willing to do!

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