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@c.sam posted:

What became of Eddie please?  Never actually met him although I ate breakfast at a diner in York a few years ago and he was leaving when we sat down. Caught sight of him for a minute however. He was dressed pretty smartly!

Eddie is fine.  See the post above for his whereabout.

Nice countdown clock @Rich Melvin.  Easy to see and self updating!

@Spectac posted:

Thanks. I was worried. The countdown thread is a classic. Not sure if I’m on here often enough to start (and update) one.

Well, your statement above encouraged me to check out your profile and you do not have your last name showing.  I will correct that and also remove the digital tag since your digital subscription expired back in May.

Eddie is no longer on this forum but rather than air out the reason here (unlike other forums), if you want to know what happened, contact me directly.  That way you will have "the other side of the story".

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