I have a pair of gilbert 720 switches. I think at one point the track was left plugged in and the bulbs melted both of the clear red and green colored tubes. I'm not sure what those tubes are called, or where I can buy replacements. I am also missing one metal tube that goes around the bulb socket. Does anyone know where I can find a schematic of these switches, so I can find part numbers? Also does anyone know where I can buy parts for them?

Also, does anyone know where I can buy a direct led replacement for the bulbs, so this doesn't happen again? I have found led's for the controller that just screw right in, but I can't find ones for the switches. Thanks in advance.

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Keep an eye on ebay.........I bought some tubes a few months ago.................

I would call these Gentlemen,

RFG American Flyer Trains
Address: Oyster Bay, NY 11771
Phone:(516) 708-4865
The Underground Railroad Shoppe
 Address: 1906 Wilmington Rd #1, New Castle, PA 16105
Phone:(724) 652-4912


All A Board Train Shop

Lancaster, PA 17602
(717) 687-7687


All three dealers sell post war Flyer parts and trains.

The plastic tubes a called shutters and that style was used on the 720 turnouts, not the newer 720A's. You can order replacements from Portlines at $4.00 each. They also sell LED replacement bulbs. 

AmFlyer posted:

They are listed under American Flyer Parts, Track Items. 

Thanks Tom,

I tried, accessories, looked for switches, and turnouts, but never thought to look in track items.


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Thanks for the tips everyone. While I do buy some train parts off of ebay, I think I will give one of these train parts dealers a call since I also need to buy one metal sleeve for around the light socket. I'm assuming they will know what I'm talking about. I also need to order led's for the controller and switches. I hope one of these dealers carry an led for the switches, because so far all I can find online is led's for the controller.

Also, I stand corrected. My switches are in fact 720's and not 720a's like my post originally stated. 

Should you be ordering from Portlines their ID number 3222 LED appears to work in the track switches. If not their ID number 280 bulbs do work. I use these 24V bulbs, they run far cooler and eliminate all heat issues. 


Well I found my metal sleeve (it was inside a melted shutter, but still very useable. don't ask. lol). But anyways, I contacted Doug from Portlines, and in case anyone else is looking for leds for the 720 here's what he has:

The 3137 and 3138 red and green leds are for the controller.

The 3224 clear leds are for the switch. This also comes with some reflective tape to put under the cover because the led tends to be directional.

Doug also carries the shutters as well. I put in an order tonight, and soon I should have my switches back up to the full potential. Thanks again for all the help.  

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