All, just set up my carpet layout to test and play with some of the trains that I have been collecting but did not have the batteries to run them. I finally found the time to buy some EBL rechargeables and could wait to put these babies on the track. I have a E44 and A2 Berkshire, the box cab runs okay but lurches (gotta to figure that one out) The Dreyfus runs good but the passenger cars I bought for it were stolen off my porch, so I won't be getting another set, and the J1e is do for traction tires. I tried to get it to do one lap but no joy, they both come off. I'll get to them. I have a DDA40X and a U50C that I want to put on next. The Berk will have to come next also the file was too big. Sorry for the quality but it's the best I can go. Enjoy!

Engines of any sort, steam, diesel or electric are just fascinating pieces of equipment.


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E44 LR
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Great! Love the NYC Mercury locomotive in the background.

I also have been a victim of porch pirates. Go to a hardware store a buy a sign that states,”This property is under video surveillance.” Put it on your porch. 

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