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I have a 8210 J Cowen engine and tender. Issue is I purchased tender with rear tender coupler broken off and no part. Lionel only shows complete truck. I will add the following photos showing broken piece removed and the tender from my 1500 that gives you a indication of what I am looking to find even a part number would help.


Images (5)
  • IMG_9766: the way I recieved
  • IMG_9768: Photo of coupler on my 1500 both are 6 wheel trucks {cast}
  • IMG_9769: top of cast coupler on 1500
  • IMG_9770: Truck after retainer and spring removed
  • IMG_9771: Broken piece of coupler after removal of spring and retainer note plastic
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Try coupler assembly 8002-T70 (Note, this number may have a 600- prefix in some lists).

BTW, trucks have their own section in the parts diagrams. Your truck appears to be 9329-50, which is on page 15-101. I arrived at the number for the coupler assembly by comparing that diagram to the parts list for the 9500 series passenger car trucks (page 15-19) , which are essentially similar.

I'm 99% sure that's what you want. I came up with that number too (I guessed on the prefix tho--wrong, it turns out).

I took the number for the complete truck from the diagram you cite, and found it in section 15 of the 1970-1986 book. It showed a part no. 8002-T60, which is just the coupler arm (no knuckle, thumbtack, etc). So I searched thru some other parts lists for similar trucks and found 8002-T70 listed as an assembly.  There is a picture of that assembly on this parts site:, so you can see if it looks right.

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