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Hello all, one of my TMCC challengers met an uneven spot on my layout after extensive track work and ended up making a giant spark.  After shutting off the z4000 and powering back on to ensure proper voltage; I began to try and roll out the engine.  It gave one chuff and the smoke came on but will not move.  Is it possible I shorted something ?

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I had the same thing happen to me.  It was a Santa Fe Northern 4-8-4.  Somewhere along the line the front pilot (cow catcher) was bent down just a little bit and hit a high spot.  I replaced the pilot and if I recall correctly, I had to change the motor control board.  Not real hard to do.  But all has to be checked.  

Let me know if you need help either doing the repair or helping you through the process of doing the repair yourself.  You can gets lots of help through the forum if so inclined.

I have this same TMCC Challenger (JLC?) engine, so I can swap parts until I find the issue and only replace what is needed.  John has a nice test stand/unit to to the same.

Best of luck.



I'll suggest some things to check.  Hopefully others will chime in to help also.

Just to be sure we are talking about the same engine, could you provide the catalog number of the engine?

I would guess that the short did something to the engine and not the tender.  That said, have you tested the tender to make sure it is all Okay?

Can you provide some details as to what you have tried and what results you had?  For example, when you did the engine reset, did the horn sound and the head light flash, etc.?

We'll start there before I provide a bunch of other things to check/do.



Thanks for the note.  Understood.  I was covering the basis.

If he did hear a chuff sound, I would be tempted to say the engine communications board (R2LC) is most likely also OK.  But I would test other functions as well, including changes in the tender lighting (reverse), the sound of the rear coupler opening, etc.

I suspect it's the motor control board, just need to verify a couple of things before I would recommend he purchase a $100.00 (plus shipping) replacement board.

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