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I am surprised not to see any recent posts for this steam engine as it runs down from Canada.

I understand the engine is already in Kansas City.  Does anyone know when it actually arrives at Union Station to see it pull in as opposed to just a static display this weekend?

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I am equally surprised by the lack of posts.  However, a Weaver "Empress" just sold on eBay for $1,300 which was too steep for me so there is interest out there.  I have been actively searching for one but will wait a few years now after seeing that! 

CPKC's website has the tour information, and they are posting regularly to various social media websites.  I have been following progress on LinkedIn. 


That is only one of her whistles, and that one is operated by an air lever at the Engineer's position. There is an air solenoid/piston which opens and closes the superheated steam supply to the whistle.

Her second whistle, which is manually controlled (and can be played) is mounted closer to the cab, and sounds MUCH MORE pleasing.

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a few small videos and picture of the F units parked at the yard



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This tour of 2816 seems like a great opportunity for either Lionel or @MTH to jump on the publicity and produce a full set. I do not know if Lionel has tooling to produce this engine, and I don’t see @Dave Olsen or Ryan @Conrail6358 divulging if they do, but maybe MTH does as per the post above from @Arthur 

Regardess, a model of 2816, the CP F units, the new paint ES44, and a full consist could be sold in pieces to build the full train and allow modelers to buy what they want. It would make for an impressive set and the configurations are endless.

MTH isn't doing new tooling, so we won't see it from that company.  Lionel might do it as a brass hybrid which is essentially the same way Weaver offered it when they were still in business. 

3rd Rail did CP FP7s, but I'm not sure when a rerun of that model will happen.  There is an opportunity to produce the ES44 in the new CPKC paint scheme.  It has created a bit of controversy on some sites, but I personally like the paint scheme. 

One thing I have not been able to figure out is what is the consist of this train?  All the focus has been on the locomotives.

Wow, that engine is a beauty.  Long may she run.

I will edit my post to say that is one of the most beautiful engines I’ve ever seen.  The 4-6-4 wheel arrangement is the ideal carriage for an engine like that, it is perfectly balanced to the eye, and the paint job is stunning.  I’d like to see it in action!

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