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Just got back from taking 2 grandchildren to see the CP Holiday train at its stop in Merrickville, Ontario. A rural village near Ottawa, Canada's national capital.  The US CP Holiday Train has been making its way through New York State to day and was in Maine yesterday.

Merrickville has a population of well under 4,000 people, but I think every single one of them was out to see tonight's Train and contribute money and non-perishable food items for the local Food Bank. Since its inaugural run in 1999, the CP Holiday Train has staunchly supported Food Banks on both sides of the border. It is free to attend and everyone gives what they can.

Later in the days to come, both versions of the train make their way west through several states and provinces. Check to see if you are close by one of the stops. If you can make it, you will not be disappointed. It's a thrill!


p.s. I had to trim the last half of the first video to stay under the 100MB limit - sorry.



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