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I saw this was posted the Crescent website yesterday.....

Thank you to all that have supported us over the years.


Although I am leaving the site up, I am currently not taking any new orders at this time.

I am finishing up the projects that are currently in house and will be making some changes once everything has shipped.  Due to the incredibly high cost of shipping and some other contributing factors, I have decided I will be switching to kits rather than finished buildings

I will also be making new custom parts and building details for scratch builders.

I believe Dave Duhamel also generated the kits for the Frank Ellison building that Dennis Brennan has been selling.  Dave also would assemble and paint these kits quite reasonably.  Shipping probably was a big cost for these delicate structures.  Perhaps Dennis will find someone else willing to assemble and paint his buildings.  Check with him at

I am happy that he is fine. I have sent several e-mails and left several phone messages as well. I would like to purchase a roundhouse for my large MTH Premier Engines: 2 Big Boys, 1 Y6b, 1 Yellowstone, 2 Y-3's, 1 Class A and other steam engines. I am planning on purchasing a 34" fully indexed turntable within the next 30-45 days. Feedback welcomed on Ross or Millhouse Studio fully indexed turntable as well as suggestions for a minimum 5 stall roundhouse. Thanks+

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