So I am brand new to SCARM and this will be my first "serious" build (currently have $400 of track on a 4X8). I want a mountain to run my shay on and at least two independent loops so the kids can control their trains without fear of a wreck. The reverse loops, although making the layout seem busy, I am hoping will provide a nice Mt. plateau for a logging scene on the elevation and the 2nd reverse loop will be mostly hidden by the plateau. Disregard the baseboard overhang and how close some of the track is to the edges; in reality I have a couple of feet to work with on each side that I am reserving for access to the layout. My biggest concern is how I will reach everything.You will notice I am missing a bunch of straight sections from the file and that is because I cannot get the SCARM license to download to my laptop and the free version limits you to 100 track pieces. Let me know what you think, thanks.


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I don't know about anyone else (yet), but I love it! Your attachment, by the way, opens as a indecipherable web site; otherwise, I would have opened it in my version of Scarm. That said, the picture gives me enough to say that you will have a ball with this layout. I will be interested to see how you accomplish what amounts to a helix maneuver in such small space. I am VERY interested, actually, because I regret not doing more with elevation. 

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LaramieJoe posted:. I will be interested to see how you accomplish what amounts to a helix maneuver in such small space.

-- Dr Joe

That make two of us! I think the elevation is doable, the grades are steep at 5% but there is transition length and I think the shay can handle it without pause. My Polar Express engine is no slouch at climbing either. I thinking of starting off the helix with woodland scenics starter grades then make wooden platforms for the higher elevations. Both will have 1/2" cookie cutter style underlayment. I do have a concern area where the last loop gets overpassed and there is only about 5.25" of clearance there which can get eaten up real quick with road bed and the like.

Nice job.  Your shay was made for just a layout like that.  Good luck with your build and look forward to seeing that shay in action.

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Boy I wish I knew why the scarm file is all messed up. Wondering if its because I am using the nonlicensed version. I even paid for the license this morning but the only machine I can install SCARM on is having a firewall issue and won't connect to the net to get the license.

Mixy, thanks for the clarification. The SCARM file needs to be saved and opened in SCARM; you can't just click on the attachment here and expect to see the layout.

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