What kind of critters have you brought into your home unknowingly after purchasing an "antique" toy train item.

Years ago, purchased a ZW transformer, put it on the bench in the shop to dismantle it and this very large humongous spider

crawled out from underneath the baseplate and body of the ZW. I got a hammer and squashed it!!! Sorry PETA!!!!!

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Almost.... I have a boulder that isn't a rock. It's a wasp's nest I found stuck to the roof inside of a Marx SP tin diesel F engine. Too interesting to just toss it, it got used... after a years quarantine period Too late to catch the "mini-raisin" maker too, but that same set box was home to quite a few critters over the years, that's for sure. Actually a real nice box, but I couldn't deal with it being around even after disinfectant and keeping closed up and just trashed it in the end.

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