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I have both a Lionel standard gauge Hiawatha (6-13004) and standard gauge Vanderbilt set (6-13008). They both have an early TMCC version in them, without cruise. I was reading about putting an ERR cruise commander "M" kit? I talked briefly with Scott Mann and he recommended I reach out to you guys to see if this would fit- saying sometimes lionel put different units inside them and he wasn't sure.

I see a post about 10 years ( ) where @NJCJOE used a cruise commander M?

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@acid Yeah, that was my post. 10 years ago.....yikes!

I installed ERR Cruise Commander M kits both in my Hiawatha and my friend's Vanderbilt. It worked well. The only thing I noticed is that on the first speed step the motor generates a little harmonic noise. Not sure why. It never really bothered me because I usually run speed step 3 or 4 as my slowest speed.

I'm glad I install the cruise control. Makes these engines so much more fun to run.

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Actually, lots of dealers still have most of the electronic parts for these engines.  I personally have all the boards that are in it, I don't have the actual sound chips, but I suspect we could come up with something close.  In any case, installing the Cruise Commander M is a pretty simple job with a low possibility of cooking anything if you're at all careful, one wire to solder to serial data...

I had Mike Reagan install cruise in both of these and it works very well. These have thick heavy shells and you have be aware of the additional heat from these boards with the heavy motors. Mike had a discussion about this upgrade with Jon Z and I think he added an additional heat sink to the locomotives. I have been very pleased the upgrade.

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