CSX River Line, Fort Montgomery, NY

Huh. Not actually changing a traction motor buy rather removing it and substituting a plain wheel-set so the unit could then be towed to a shop. It must have seized a bearing, locked a rotor or jammed it's gear teeth such that it couldn't be safely towed. 


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That's for sure (not an everyday thing)! Thanks for posting this. Interesting that they did a temporary repair instead of swapping in a complete traction motor wheelset. I'm hoping one of the railroaders who post here can shed more light.


Growing old is so much more fun than the only alternative.

Just so happened to get this quick photo 10 mins ago before posting.  Had a doctor visit and saw this through the trees in the parking lot in Metuchen NJ.  FD20B68E-480A-4A8D-89B6-7D12550CB5EBB218E979-55A3-4773-AE53-D835D41A865F

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Fascinating machines, Tom. Impressive how easy they make it look to lift that engine. Thanks for sharing.


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