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Happy Friday and weekend all! Here's a few photos of a couple of projects I've been working on lately. The first is of an Overland C44-9W in BNSF H1 paint scheme, #990, that I converted to Proto48 and installed ESU Loksound 5 DCC/sound and LED lighting. It was on my bench probably a couple years before I got it operational but I am really pleased with the outcome.


The second photo is of an Overland C40-8W that I'm painting in UP scheme, that I also converted to Proto48 but still need to install DCC/sound and LED lighting after I finish paint.




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@Scott Kay posted:

Hi John,

Always wonderful to see your locos and layout.  I have a question on the LED lighting.  Do you use little surface mount LEDs for the walkway lights or conventional LEDs?  Those walkway lights are really and nice touch.


Thanks guys, I appreciate it!

Scott, I use 0603 warm white surface mount LEDs for all lights. I make socket holders for the headlights out of 1/8" tubing, and 1/8" tubing and .030 styrene for walkway lights.



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I'm getting some time to work on my layout this 4th of July holiday. I framed up some more of the basement and building up the hillside and sculpting landscaping along this section of double track main, I'm also installing a rural grade crossing and ballasting track here. The inside main is 84" radius thru this curve on the lower level of the layout and makes approximately a 90 degree turn, mains will enter a double track portal at the west end of the curve. These five modules are still on coasters but getting closer to mounting permanently, being on coasters makes it easier to work on.





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