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As long as both curves are the same degree segment of a circle and the minimum radius for your engines is the tighter curve, I don't see why not. By putting the wider curves between the straight and tightest curves, you are in effect, creating an easement. The trains should look better and even run smoother than if you only used the tightest radius.

@Cmart posted:

Everything fit perfectly with SCARM even when connecting the two curves together.  I just wanted to make sure that the train would negotiate it without any problems.


Cmart, that is a different question. There are many engines that will NOT work on 031 curves due to size. You will need to let us know which engine specifically, you are asking this question about. Or, read the box as the text will probably state the minimum curve for proper operation.


Cut the 0-31 in two and lay those between the large OD pieces and you may be able to skirt the limits on some items as most items with limits will have only one truck at max limit at a time; one on 0-31 one on the large dia.. It has effect altering the body angle to compliment the 0-31 truck beyond the normal angle.   That's how Ace used to get away with mostly 0-27 track and larger spec trains if you vets will recall.

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