Anybody help with curve radii and Point Numbers  for a On42 diorama...not Layout reduced or otherwise shortened.

Ie, Turn outs 1:48 real design, curves Real not Model, Track lenghts 1:48 real arrangement.

I suppose QR archivescan supply real plans etc, but a general idea ( even adapting 3 ft gauge specs would be a good start.)


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You might find that prototype dimensions may be too large for your intended space, even on a diorama.

If you are planning museum quality display with the level of detail you describe,   I suggest you select a prototype and follow their specific practice for everything.   It will be much easier to do your research in one place and there will be a lot of research.    Also, the display will be more accurate prototypically if based on one prototype than if you mix and match standards and rolling stock from a bunch of different ones.  

I know  standards varied a lot from untreated ties at random spacing and no ballast to class one standards with sharp well maintained ballast.     And the appropriate rolling stock and locos and buildings that fit the track appearance shoul be appropriate.

Thankyou for the wise advice.

I am modelling Queensland Government Railways  3ft. 6 in. Gauge, 42 and 60 lb/yard rail, 7 ft ties at 2ft 6in. Spacing, on rough ballast 1,5 to 3 inch crushed rock ballast, mostly 2 inch.

Some areas River gravel and Loco ash ( yards & sidings).

I can get all the QGR designs, from State Archives ( locos, passenger & Freight& MOW rolling stock, buildings, even track plans of actual stations and yards. It will take a bit of Research and $$$$ the meantime Ican develop my Right of Way construction methods ( MDF, PinBoard, Cork, wood/ cardboard ties, 

Sifted 2mm, 1,5mm & 1mm

River sand ballast ( reddish-gold...Burdekin Sugar farm edges onto it (north Qld).

Of course for Turnouts and siding Radii, I will have to rely on QGR standards (#10 or larger, curves Min. 160yards)...Locos 2-6-0, 4-6-0 ( Baldwins) 4-8-0 QGR Built) 2-8-2 USTC NG  and eventually Garrets, 2 versions ( 4-8-2 + 2-8-4)

I expect a 10-year building time ( I am 71, in good health???) and with a small business in Guns/Films/ cartridge  case supplies.)

But I will still need tips and help in matters like scratch building Brass locos, track standards, and electrical systems ( my knowledge is still at 1970s DC simple block model should have DCC with correct  sound. There is plenty of room in a 1:48 Tender.

I welcome any help or advice.

Doc AV


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