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The other topic got me thinking.  Yes broader is better but geographical constraints are what they are.  My layout is along the back and side wall of the basement,  i had to go with 042 but elected to hide these in tunnels.  The visible portions except for one place are 072 or wider.  Are there other tricks out there that would make the visual of diving into a curve less abrupt or more pleasing to the eye?

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With an easement the diameter/radius of the curve remains the same--what is changed is the transition from the straight track into the curve. There are many techniques to lay out easements. One approach with sectional track is to use several different diameters leading into the main curve--not optimal but easy to implement.

Obviously you'll need a bit more real estate for the curve but the will be better both visually and operationally--"easing" into the curve.

Easements will not hide an 042 curve.

There are four 031 & 042 return loops on my 3 rail layout either hidden in mountains or off scene.

0120" and 0148" curves are visible on the mainline between the mountains.

Eye level at a distance the Rail King trains are not that non scale in appearance.  In fact because the rest of the layout's track is all two rail at viewing angles it influences a visitors perception.  No one notices the GG track at first.

If you have a desire for broad curve consider going around the room with shelf benchwork.

Any island platform will constrict any curves.

True spiral easements developed with a flex track transition will only add +/-2" of width to a 180 degree curve.

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