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A few weeks ago, I finished my SMS SW1200 engine.  I figured I needed modern freight cars for it to move around.  The SMS handles a lot of tank cars with various products.  VP Racing is one of those customers and they have some very cool and clean tank cars.

I found this Atlas 2 Rail tank car online ridiculously cheap.  So I bought 4 of them.


The NS First responder paint job is very cool and I even offered it up here for a trade if someone had a plain black car, but there were no takers.  So, in the alcohol bath it went.

I was surprised to learn that this was two pieces.  The lower part is actually metal, and it what gives the car it's nice weight.


Next it was time for primer and then the beautiful blue.


I was very happy with this color Brilliant Blue TS-44 from Tamyia.  It appeared to be a great match with the prototype.


Pic used with permission from the owner.

The decals were custom from HiBall Graphics.  Jim did an outstanding job on these getting every detail correct.  I REALLY like how he made the VP and Fuels a clear decal so it picked up the Blue from the tank car.  No colors to match!


I had to put HiRail wheels on the model but left the Atlas scale couplers.


I was a little surprised the Tamiya gloss coat I used to cover the decals changed the shade blue just a touch.  It looks a little lighter to me now.


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