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Here is another homemade Diner made from an American Flier passenger car body picked up at a train show for a few dollars. 

The S gauge car shell was just the size for the smallish Main Street.  A base or foundation was made from 1/8 inch Masonite and covered with brick paper.  Two 12 mini Christmas tree lights were hung from the ceiling for illumination.  Parchment paper was used for windows and silhouettes were drawn with a fine Sharpie.   An exhaust fan was added to the roof along with a sign saying “Jake’s Diner”.



@Dave_C posted:

If your looking for a kit.  makes a small one that’s layout friendly with pretty much all wood construction. This kit has been around it seems forever.

Thanks for the tip -- I'd been looking for my next kit/kit-bash/scratch-build project, and after looking at several alternatives, I decided to order the Whistlestop Diner from

I'll post the result when I get and finish it!

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