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Before we begin, my theme for this year is to get things done, ....projects were backing up, but I’m making great strides to get stuff knocked out ( without sacrificing quality) .....I don’t get all the time I’d like to spend in the RR shop, so I have to find time to get in there and do these kind of intricate projects I enjoy, no, I’m not lightning fast, wish I could be, but I do have a demanding day job that keeps the lights on!......anyways, good buddy Lou ( Lou1985)  approached me before Christmas, about making a flip top stack for one of his ATSF Texas locos.....I must admit, I have no clue about ATSF steamers, nor will I ....but Lou presented his plans and gave me plenty of napkin drawings to go by to make the stack happen,.....I’m sure Lou will fill in the who, what where & why,.....I pretty much just went by what looks as best as it can and what’s gonna work......I’m sure the purists can point out the flaws, but we’re happy with how it turned out, and the point is conveyed ,......the stack halves are made from a solid stick of brass, and the hinges are strip brass bent and soldered in place,......I did dribble a tiny bit of solder installing the hinges, but thanks to master builder Pete ( Norton) he reminded me about solder wick, and that saved the day!...finally, I gave the stack a thin coating of flat black so Lou can dust it with his graphite color easily for a great finish.......



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@leapinlarry posted:

Lou1985, I understand your request for the flipping smoke stack for your Sante Fe Northern, The Harmon Shops have this request taken care of in grand fashion. Your going to be pleased. When you get this piece back, place a few pictures on this thread, Sante Fe Northerns and Hudsons are great Locomotives. Happy Railroading Everyone

It's for a Texas, not a Northern 😉. Texans had a manually operated flip stack like Pat made. Hudsons and Northerns used a telescoping stack which used compressed air to move up and down. My Premier ATSF Hudsons and Northerns have a movable telescoping stack. Here's how the prototype works:

The stack Pat made is going on my ATSF 5001 class Texas project. No one has made one in O before. The 5011 class Texas yes (I have one) but no 5001 class, so I'm making my own.

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