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Hey all! I wanted to show a few pictures of a project I am just about to finish up, I turned a rather abused Lionel 8602 4-6-4 into somewhat decent  JNR C62 Locomotive, and dressed it up as the "999" from the japanese anime franchise "Galaxy Express 999". The loco recieved a lot of work, using mostly styrene, model filler, expoxy filler, and some thin metal to achieve the look. It's not perfect in some places. The tender is a rebuilt MPC slopeback tender. 20210607_17054220210607_17054820210607_17055420210511_12212520210507_11492220210511_155801


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Thanks for the compliments everyone! To answer a few things I've already made "Big One" from Galaxy Railways, and I definitely would like to find or make some characters from the anime for the train itself. Here's pics of Big One and it's train on my clubs layout. I'll make a seperate post on this if people want to see more pics! 20210413_22212120210408_215932


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The major surgery I did was cut off the pilot, cut off the firebox section in front of the cab, and cut down the air compressor equipment on the front so I could "box it in" to emulate the apperance of a GE999 C62. The loco also recieved backhead detail, 20210608_19213420210606_14145820210605_091812LED lights for the headlight and cab light, a new Dalee E unit, and I ordered Gunrunnerjohn's MP3 universal sound board for the project.  I can't take credit for the project idea, a good friend of mine named John suggested me to use this loco, he's doing a similar project using an clapped out 8206 Hudson. I plan in the near future to custom paint a couple Lionel Baby madison cars for it! 03013255133


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