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Here is a “golden” opportunity to grab a custom MTH Alco C628 locomotive!
Our golden alcos are arriving soon!  

E-Z Catch will be offering ALL 4 cab numbers in the demonstrator scheme in gold for the Alco C628!
Special pre-buy price is 389.00 each with FREE shipping.  ETA is July/August 2023! First come first served! Below are all the item numbers and the cabs! Each is a link to pre-order each number!

Item # 30-21097-1 Cab # 628-1 -
ALSO coming soon from E-Z Catch!
Who doesn’t like a classic Alco engine?
Our MTH custom run of the Western New York and Pennsylvania Alco C-630 will be arriving in July/August!!
MTH item # 30-21123

Want to order? Visit this page!
Price is 379.99 with free shipping!

Dealer inquiries are always welcome!
To order - contact Pat at
Call E-Z Catch at 718-727-7373 or email Pat at  

You can also visit our webpage!

E-Z Catch Train Shop -


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