20180701_16210720180624_153109Many thanks to a forum member who linked me up with a custom painter that made a beautiful Veterans F40PH for him.  I am finally on the way to having a 1/48 size version of the CVSR passenger train.

For starters, the artist, is painting 3 Alco locomotives, CVSR #4241, #6771, & #6777.  5 passenger cars by Atlas, GGD, & Lionel.  I am forgiving of a few differences on the C424 model by Atlas vs the prototype #4241.   Using available off the shelf models to come as close as possible to the real train.   I will be sending another 4 or 5 cars to the artist later this year.  A highlight is my favorite Silver Bronco dome car #1105, an undecorated Atlas O car becomes CVSR Silver Bronco.  I will post updates as the consist progresses. The baggage car which CVSR uses to load the bikes of "bike aboard" riders, is a GGD ATSF baggage car just like the CVSR #3450.   Lionel 21" combine becomes CVSR's wheelchair lift ADA car #727 "Fort Mitchell." Lionels catalog pic showed a baggage door with 2 windows just like CVSR'S combine turned ADA car.  However, the production car from Lionel has one window.  Again, forgiving of a few differences in the interests of getting a reasonably close version of the prototype CVSR cars and locomotives.   CVSR coach #2914 comes from Lionels 21" Penn Central coach, the exact  car.  20180617_13594120180722_182224~0120180722_182243~01Screenshot_20180620-174148


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these are fantastic what artist are you using?  I hope to be finishing up the mechanical on a aux tender soon and I'll be looking for a painter.

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Thanks!   I will post more pics when they are completed.  The loco still needs number boards, and there are two Alco FA's yet to be completed.  I cannot say enough about the custom paint Christine is doing.  I give her all the credit on nailing this scheme.  I had to buy a quart of CVSR red so she could match the paint.  CVSR uses an epoxy and not really a paint.  Not a cheap quart of paint!!! Ouch!!! Now I know why it costs so much to paint the real cars.  

Allan, hope to see you on the train.  I am not out as often, darn the real job gets in my way of volunteering as much as I like.  


Scott, your set is turning out great. I have had a few pics sent but they are just basically primed cars and beige color put on the bottoms. But I am getting excited for the final product. WIll post pics when the cars have more done to them. I may have a few more projects in mind for her down the road.............Paul

That looks incredible! Christine does amazing work, she painted my veterans NPCU. I will be using her services in the future for sure if I ever need an engine custom painted. Keep us updated!


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Paul, looking foreward to seeing your train.  Christine is awesome!  

Max... Thanks for sharing your Vets loco on here and the link up with Christine.  

I am now preparing equipment for a future Christine customization, a 1970s auto-train consist.  It will not be the length of the real thing, and I am substituting Atlas U23B with Blomberg trucks which will have the look of auto trains power, but my goal is to put all these MTH auto carriers to use.  MTH refused to make the pax cars in the 12 years since they made carriers, nor do they respond to my inquiries, so my train will be a mix of repainted Atlas O, K-line, Weaver, and Lionel cars.

The full consist is nearing completion with addition of 2 "metro" coaches and  a cafe-concession car #8704 "Furnace Run."  The Furnace Run is an Ok Engines car, the metro coaches (ex Pennsy Inn series roomette cars) are Union Station Products wraps over 2 donor Lionel cars... sorry Union Pacific fans, but they were a bargain price ripe for the project.20200115_12495820200115_12502620200115_125153

Metro cars still need added a strip along the steps on the very corners, paint the trucks black, and fix a window or two that reacted to glue.  

Allan, thanks for the good word, and eventually, soon I hope, the train will have enough of the right cars to do some better pics.



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