F93BB452-4F46-4C0D-A8ED-143D5F3941D3DCF60E54-9E71-4DBF-8115-33E095DAF8C35F95F19F-C2C8-4432-AE44-BB7D0A5043CA4C365F23-5BC9-448B-8D2C-9CAE8896626AA09658D2-9BAC-4E4C-B07E-6E2193475BF59541D9FD-9AEA-447B-9213-0A38D2B8EBF56ACF58E2-1B43-44BB-B7FD-8868D3BD0E6042C4010B-84C1-4DC6-95F8-6864499B7ABE745ADE04-B2B6-4A68-82C9-F39EC7934151Since my kids where young, they enjoyed The Polar Express. Now I think I enjoy it more then them! Here are some custom cars I made.


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Great Polar Express trains and cars.  I did not know about PE diesels.  Your pictures make me want to winterize my layout at Christmas.



Thanks, Choo Choo Charlie. I modded both of these with the lionchief plus Erie AA units from Lionel. Each diesel was originally transformer controlled. Lionel doesn’t make these anymore, but Gryzboski’s has one for sale on eBay.

How did you do the campfire on the hobo car?or P.E. Cars?Looks Great!- Also do they make L.E.D. replacement bulbs for P.E. cars?


@Paul Kallus posted:

That is fantastic work and results.

I agree, I think we "adults" enjoy this stuff as much if not more than the kids.


 I cant agree more. Just let your imagination run away with you.

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@Sal V. posted:

How did you do the campfire on the hobo car?or P.E. Cars?Looks Great!- Also do they make L.E.D. replacement bulbs for P.E. cars?


Thanks Sal, the campfire is on there with double sided tape. The original flip top is hollow inside and the top pivots on two hollow plastic pins, that are molded into the top. So I removed the original fire and drilled holes in the end of the pivot pins. And fished small braided wire through the top then out through the pin holes. And then wired it to the existing power wires. The fire is Lionels hobo campfire that I bought from dans l.e.depot from eBay. I used a hole saw to make it a little smaller. Then mounted it on top, and there you go!  To answer your question about the LEDs, Dans L.E.depot on eBay also makes a plug in led to replace your old incandescent bulbs. No extra wiring needed.

I made tinplate Polar Express cars and changed the name to Ryder Express for my Grandson. I also put all is relatives pictures in the windows.




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