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Hi Everyone!

I’m wondering if anyone has had custom stickers printed and put on their MTH buildings? I have a few of the accessories and I’d like to create my own stickers for signs. If anyone has some insight on this or have done it themselves, any tips or info would be greatly appreciated! (I also will attach a picture of the kind of accessory I have to give an idea of what I’m looking to customize)

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Just a thought: get some decal sheets from Micro-Mark (They are available for inkjet or laser printers).  Make your own signs on your computer, change them to the colors of lettering you want, cut out logos, advertising pictures, photos, etc., modify them to the size you want, scan them onto your printer and have a ball.  You can put them directly onto walls, windows (they look great on transparent windows), trucks, bill boards or whatever, or you can put them on styrene signs of any size or shape and glue them where you want them.

You can even use translucent plastic for the backing and light them from behind.....and it is fun and unique.  Make as many as you want in almost any size you want.

A good print shop can make them larger or smaller than you can on your computer, too.

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In addition to decal paper, you can also use white sticker paper.

Just make the sign in the size, color and font style you want on your computer using Word or a similar program and then print it out on the sticker paper. Cut to size and just stick it on or over whatever you want.

Tip #1- Make multiple signs in different sizes, colors and fonts on the same page, so you can test fit and choose which ever you like best.

Tip#2 - Print out on plain paper first to test fit and then a final print on the sticker paper so as not to unnecessarily waste the sticker paper.

Tip #3 - When you finally decide on the final size, color and font style you want, print out 3 or 4 of the same signs on one sticker sheet in case you cut the first one wrong, mishandle or make a mistake, etc. and you'll have more readily available signs on the same sheet.

Below is a sticker sign I made for a small garden.



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