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You do not see too many tinplate churches, let alone a larger one which would look reasonable next to Standard Gauge so I decided to take a shot at building one.  The main construction is sheet metal with cast pewter windows and doors.  Everything is assembled with brass screws and nuts.  The 'stone' along the bottom of the building was re-purposed from an old Lionel station as were the main door inserts.  Overall I think it came out pretty well and looks reasonable in size next to an MTH reproduction house.




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@SPIKE posted:

Very very nice!  I was just thinking last week how I wish they had made a church in standard gauge.  The model you built, in my opinion, is much more stylish than what probably would have come out of one of the manufacturers.  If you decide to go into production, I would be very interested.  Again, great job!

I agree, Tom should go into business marketing these.

Beautifully done with the classic style and taste of the 30's era of standard gauge.

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