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Frigid weather here on Long Island sent me downstairs to update some Plasticville apartment buildings on the layout and to build a completely new one.

In this pic you will see three customized Plasticville apartment houses. The one to the left with apartments over a store was made from pieces of 4 different Plasticville buildings from my scrap box. The Plasticville apartment building in the center was customized with just paint and a couple "add-a-floors". The one to the right was customized with paint but I ran out of "add-a-floors" so I customized two ground level floors for the two upper levels. The balconies on these two upper levels were made from corners of leftover roofs.

Window "glass" from packaging was added to all windows too.


Here is a pic of my latest apartment house project. Can you guess what junk box Plasticville building it started out as?


Look for an upcoming post (February 15) on for a detailed pictorial showing how I built this.


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