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I am fairly new to the world of Scale O.  In looking at the 2022 Lionel catalog, I see new 0-6-0 switcher locos.  I inherited from my father in law years back a brass bell from an ICRR 0-6-0.  I would love to purchase a Lionel engine and commission someone with the tools and artistry to have it match the engine my bell came from.  Mostly paint and lettering but I do notice that the sand domes on my engine are different (squared rather than round).  Are there folks out there that do this?  Want to get a handle on it before dropping the $750 for the engine.  Thanks for any advice.

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Probably not so much in 3-rail, where a lot of people are collectors and seem to like to keep things original.

It is much common to do this in 2 rail O scale and there are custom builders around who could do this.   Rod Miller is one custom builder that could do this with a brass model.   This reference is a few years old, I hope it is still good.

Is is much harder to rework diecast bodies than brass ones.

FWIW, the USRA 0-6-0, similar to the IC 0-6-0, has been produced twice by MTH (in both RailKing and Premier versions; the Premier is a better model), and by Weaver in a brass version.

The brass is always a better choice for modification. They appear on eBay. I have one; good runners.

There are several brass Weavers on eBay right now in the $300 - $400 range.

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