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My plan is to use terminal blocks as connection points into my track power bus. Drop pos and neg from the track to a terminal block. The alternative is to use suitcase connectors. Are there any issues using a series of terminal connectors to daisy chain power and ground? Thanks for any guidance.

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This is exactly how our new layout was wired. The member that’s been helping me goes a little overboard with them after crimping we’ve been also soldering the wire to the connector. Again probably overkill but at least so far I haven’t had to go hunt down a bad connection or bad crimp. We’ve also used this on our modular layout with no problem



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@Maxandy posted:

Thanks guys. My plan is to use house wiring(AWG 14) and daisy chain power and ground around the entire layout. This is dedicated track power. Next will be to work out my MTH and Lionel command and control. I'm using completely separate power for TIU and 14 Gauge speaker wire to connect to each of my blocks.

If by house wire you mean Romex, dont use solid, use stranded wire.  The paired copper speaker wire is fine to use and can be had in 14 AWG as well.

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