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I recently purchased 3 Key E7 diesels (A-B-B)  powered by NCE-408sr decoders back ended with Dallee DCV3 sound units.  Before gutting the electronics I would appreciate hearing from others about Dallee sound modules.  In the photo note the 4 large speakers mounted back to back in tubular enclosures.  The enclosures can be slid into position on longitudinal "rails"  and lock in place with set screws.  I liked how the installer used snips of heat shrink tubing at intervals along the wire runs to keep things neat.  The electronics may be a little dated but the installation workmanship is timeless.



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No experience with Dallee sound systems.   I did use their throttles in the past and they were rock solid.

I do have advice however, don't we all?     If it were me, I would run them awhile and see what they sound like and whether it is acceptable.   The NCE 408 decoder is great motor control, so if the mechs are decent they should run well, and you will just be evaluating the sound system.  

If you have to change, change, I have been very pleased with Soundtraxx stuff.    My approach in this case would be to buy an HO rated Soundtraxx decoder and just use it to replace the Dallee stuff.    I have a number of locos with two decoders for this reason.   I usually put small slide or toggle switches underneath to cut the power to one or other decode at a time for programming.     The HO rated decoders in my experience are about 50-60 dollars cheaper than the higher amp rated ones.     You simply put 100 ohm 1/4 watt resistor across the motor leads on the sound decoder to give it load, and it will program just fine with not motor.    apparently if you don't connect anything, programming gets iffy.

As for sound, I just had 2 grand-daughters visit and we had to run trains.    the little one who is 8, did not hear the subtleties of diesels sound.    She would ask if this one "had a noise maker or not"?     Kinda wonder how much we should worry about it when you hear that.

I will listen to the sound before making the update decision.  In the 1990's and early 2000's DCC O scalers had few choices and I installed paired electronics to get the power I needed and some basic sounds.    The approach works but to my ear doesn't capture the sound variation between units starting a train, or notching to climb a grade with a heavy train.  Today we have several 3rd generation higher power integrated sound/power/lighting decoder choices that in my opinion far out perform non-integrated sound/power  solutions.    Yes it does come at an added price - but as with levels of detailing, prototype fidelity, and build quality in our models we all get to make our own trade-offs.   

Still looking to hear from others about their experience with Dallee sound systems.  From the Dallee web site I learned they can be installed in 3 rail AC or 2 rail DC locomotives with sound controlled by a special box.  Has anyone done that??  If I do decide to remove the electronics I know there is a market for used D408sr decoders - don't know about Dallee sound modules.

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