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There is this 42" deep, 8' wide valley which will have a  30" tall dam with an overflow raceway in the middle of the dam face.

This dam structure will be mounted on the valley floor against the basement wall. 

Somewhat like the Hoover dam, there is a long RR bridge just down stream from it.  In front of the dam from an observer's view point.

My need is to have a 12" tall by 8' long photo backdrop of the reservoir which I can mount immediately above the top of the dam to run up to and terminate behind the solid "concrete " arch bridge.

For perspective purposes the shot it would be helpful as  if the the scene was snapped from a drone at about the height of the bridge.

Any knowledge of this scene availability?

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That would make this a somewhat WEIRd request, I suppose?


(You know the punsters are hard at work on this one, Tom!)


I'm assuming your working to blend with existing photographic backdrops to either side?   

Any chance of providing a photo of the setting on your layout?

Since whopper weirs are not usually found in an urban setting, I should think it should be a relatively easy job of blending natural 'shore' scenes and more distant scenery to the center (across the reservoir).

If there's no existing backdrops to either side, perhaps an opportunity for a local artist, especially skilled in scenic vistas? 



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Shawn, enter " effect of insufficient water Hoover dam" in a search engine.  Scary.  Far exceeds lawn maintenance.   Couple the drought with the lost food production of the Ukraine and we could have a real problem.

Mike, Thanks for the idea, I will search for reservoir photos from the Tillman bridge. Perfect angle.   You frequently have the right response.

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Picture is 2015.  A lot has changed.   The original purpose of the Hoover dam was agricultural water to the Imperial Valley, California.  Down stream from the Hoover dam, is an earthen dam that diverts water to California. The All American Canal.

Recently there was a water release from above the Glen Canyon dam, to maintain some of the river/lakes water system.

Access to the Tillman observation deck, from the west (Nevada side), There is a small parking lot to the left, as you drive to the Dam breast work. Parking is limited.  The observation deck was an add, to the Tillman bridge project.  Keeps a lot of people from stopping, on the transportation part, of this bridge, IMO.

Most recent news, about Southwest water, is a desalination plant San Diego, CA.    We were never meant to live in a desert.

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