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Is this just bad luck or has the USPS got a vendetta against TRAIN CARS?

I won two bids on that which shall not be named…both were for 19th century Wooden Tankers…I like them…I don’t  know why

So, I’ve been acquiring them…a tedious process finding them for reasonable prices…

The last two have arrived damaged..the Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe had one damaged Archbar truck…

The Heinz Vinegar had both Archbar trucks broken..

Two different sellers

Both didn’t spend a lot of effort on protecting the cars..the Heinz car only had shipping peanuts on two sides-not all 4  

I’ve notified the seller-will soon see what solution is recommended

Getting replacement Archbar trucks is like finding a Unicorn…

On the other one, I had a box car that took a fall, and the door was damaged-so I borrowed an Archbar truck..from it

But I only have one remaining-not two..

And I’m not prepared to rob a truck off of my other 19th century cars …

Guess I’ll check MTH newly opened parts site..and see if the seller makes a reasonable solution…🙃

Unless someone has some MTH Archbar trucks for sale😀



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