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Well  today I remade a station I made years ago and sold...  a really fun project . that looks like something Lionel should of made.

This time I made a window as shown where the stairs used to be and covered the holes  so no light will come through

It operates as a normal  one activated  on the upper level

Just  remove the base  adn remove the stairs... on the Lionel 445 switch  tower and cut the roof  from a Lionel 132 or 133  to fit..

This time Ill have the man  that was on the stairs   be on ground pratol.. or returning from a long long wait for the

bathroom  (lol)  .....daniel

just a thought I wonder what  a tower  on fire would look like ... man  it never ends! lol


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@MattR posted:

That's great. Making that with some inexpensive accessories that a lot of us have extras of. I should send you a couple of my spares and have you make one. As simple as it may be I WILL screw up cutting that roof

Once you remove the base.. get a plain sheet of reg 8x10"  paper and on the left and right side of the 445 building  use your pen  and scribe the ends .. then cut it , Once you cut  you'll have the 8" x  plus width of the building  to put on the roof..

What i do is fold that paper in half long ways and use tape to mount it on the roof  make sure you tape it good.

Then I use a pocket ruler (the 6-8 inch steel type)  and center the bottom of the 445  (just mark it on the bottom where center is)

then use your ruler and put it flush on the frount and back of the building . and mark it on the paper you taped on the building..

Use a razor saw and common sense. and  slowly cut it take your time on the lines you made on that paper

what I do is use a razor blade (or you could sand it flush  )and remove the step guide rail and any part that is not flush on the side where the steps where

use the bottom window   for the area the outside shed was cut  a hole and super glue it on with the window shade... wire it up and enjoy .!


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