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So most of you know me on here as kind of an eccentric collector. I prefer old buzzy electrics and wind-em-ups to the new flashy bling bling smoky machines. Thing is, I think Lionel and MTH can probably learn a thing or two from this.

I regularly check Hatton's train store's webpage. Here . Not a plug for them or anything but that's where I got all my cool n-scale stuff from. I always wondered about english O scale, it seems pretty cool, had a friend a long time ago that had OO but that's another story. Was just bored at work, flipping through things I probably shouldn't have been when the thought crossed my mind: That Hornby 0-4-0 needs something equally english to tug around. Bing. Website's up, ordered a wagon.

Now, for the price, I wasn't expecting to recieve the best quality, boy was I wrong. The price shows £37.75 - I got it on sale, 50% off. Check it.


Very impressed with the attention to detail and the weathering of this little wagon. It's going to make a great display piece when it's not being "shunted" about.


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