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We ran the engine the other day:


after we hooked her up to the train and started back down the hill, she seemed to be binding up? As she approached the curve on the hill she jumped the tracks. I put her back on and noticed stiffness trying to get the wheels on the rails. Also she seemed to be hopping???

 Today I got her on the bench and apart and noticed that she would articulate to one direction but not the other. The side rods seemed to be bound up? I also noted that the front set of drivers were clocked ahead of the rear set of drivers. So they must have jumped a tooth or two ahead. I finally got it fixed up and she runs smoothly again. I tried to spin the drivers by hand and they won't. So I'll have to keep a close watch on just how one set of drivers ended up out of sequence??

I'm guessing that either the plastic housing now has play for the shaft to jump or some teeth are messed up? MTH usually uses all metal gears so I would guess it's the housing.

I should add that this engine was bought used and it appears someone has worked on her before.

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